Shopper Marketing: Mobile Up, Daily Deals Struggling

by Sarah Mahoney, Tuesday, May 8, 2012 4:01 PM

Smartphone-Shopping-AIn a new analysis of the 17 digital tools most used in shopper marketing, Forrester finds that many of the most-buzzed about, including social networking, daily deal sites and QR codes, are struggling in earn their share of spending.

And while others show much greater potential, including mobile, adoption rates are low.

“Mobile is the next big thing, but it is still next and not quite now,” writes Forrester analyst Tracy Stokes in the report. “The number of articles about how mobile is on the rise for shopper marketing seems to increase weekly. But our research shows that while adoption of handsets and mobile activities are on the rise among consumers, shopper marketers are more wary about the opportunities without proven results or metrics with which to measure any results and thus have been slower to adopt mobile technologies.”

Instead, Forrester, which polled 32 respondents across the industry, finds that the traditional digital platforms, like email, brand websites, and retailer-targeted content, get most of the shopper marketing bucks, and are likely to remain the top priority.

It’s not that marketers are averse to digital tools, with 87% agreeing that digital technology has fundamentally changed the way people shop, 88% agreeing that mobile technology is a game-changer, and 72% agreeing that consumers make more decisions before they get to the store than they used to.

But with many technologies still in their infancy, it’s not clear that they will emerge as serious weapons in shopper marketing, classing the 17 technologies in four different tiers. In the neonate phase, Forrester cites QR and 2D bar codes, interactive in-store solutions, and audio fingerprinting apps, as having “a small user base, a sparse vendor landscape, and/or low consumer adoption.”


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